Cat lovers urge Obama to put a feline in the WH

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But that has fans of America’s other most popular pet, cats, saying its time for a feline to claw its way into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

“I'm happy that President Obama recognized the value in having more than one pet, but wished he would've used the opportunity to add a cat to the family,” certified cat behavior consultant Pam Johnson-Bennett told ITK in an email.

The host of “Psycho Kitty” on Discovery UK and Nat Geo Wild Canada tells us, “For too long, cats have been viewed as second class pet citizens and have endured so much misinformation spread about them. President Obama could've help shine a light on the joy of cat adoption.”

Johnson-Bennett, who runs Cat Behavior Associates and is the author behind seven bestsellers on cat behavior and training, says during these fractured political times, “This was a missed opportunity for pet bipartisanship.”

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