Obama: I've still 'got some game' at 52

President Obama says, even at 52, he’s still "got some game."

The commander in chief chatted with some parents and administrators while making a surprise pit stop Friday at a high school soccer practice on his way to Binghamton, N.Y. 

While talking to the group, someone mentioned the president’s soccer skills, which he displayed minutes earlier as he kicked the soccer ball around with some of the students. 

“They were trying to recruit me!” the president exclaimed about the players, according to a White House press pool report.

“I told them I was too old.”

He then added, “I’ve got some game.”

It’s the second day in a row Obama has made light of his age.

After mistakenly referring to Rep. Brian Higgins (D-N.Y.) as the mayor of Buffalo, N.Y., during a Thursday speech at the University of Buffalo, Obama deadpanned, “This is what happens when you get to be 52 years old. When I was 51, everything was smooth.”

The Friday soccer practice stop was part of Obama’s two-day bus tour touting his plan to make college more affordable.

Obama also mixed it up with the soccer players, inciting a battle of the sexes of sorts between the boys’ and girls’ squads.

After inquiring with the girls’ team if they thought they could beat the boys and receiving an answer in the affirmative, Obama asked them, “If I go over there and tell them you said that, would that be OK?” One of the girls reportedly replied, “Bring it!”

Obama then headed over to the boys’ team, saying, “I hate to stir up trouble, but the girls said they could beat you. I’m just saying. That’s what they said.”

The president’s message apparently “drew grumbles and disagreement” from the male players.