Biden: 'My son Beau is fine'

The president has been promoting a plan to create a system to grade colleges on how well they keep costs under control and improve graduation rates. He hopes to get Congress to approve adjustments to government financial aid that will encourage students to attend schools that rate higher under the system. 

The appearance marked a return to the public eye for Biden, a Scranton native. The vice president had taken a weeklong break to be with his son Beau Biden.

Beau, the attorney general of Delaware, was admitted to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston after feeling weak and disoriented during a family vacation. According to the Biden family, Beau underwent an unspecified but successful procedure in Houston before being released Thursday.

Biden began his address by referencing concerns about his son.

“My son Beau is fine, and sends his love,” Biden said. “He’s doing well and is anxious to get back to work.”

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