Bill Clinton unveils Bono impression

Clinton, 67, paused a moment before whipping out a pair of dark Bono-esque shades from his suit jacket.

“Well I’m Irish, you know,” Clinton said in a husky voice, attempting to parody the Ireland-born entertainer’s accent.

“And we Irish, we can imitate anybody,” Clinton-as-Bono said.

Although the 42nd president undoubtedly tried his best, the impression likely won’t receive the accolades that the entertainer’s take on Clinton’s Arkansas drawl did.

While waiting for Clinton to take the stage Tuesday at an annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, Bono, 53, offered up an on-the-spot impersonation of the White House resident.

Clinton took the minutes-long shtick in stride when he waltzed onto the stage, saying with a smile, “I must be really easy to make fun of.”