Jon Stewart savages

Jon Stewart turned his satirical fire on Monday, savaging the Obama administration for the myriad tech issues that have plagued the site.

In a five-minute diatribe Stewart called “The Spinning Beachball of Healthcare Segment,” in reference to the colorful pinwheel that appears when an application malfunctions on a Mac, the host of Comedy Central’s "The Daily Show" was apoplectic over the administration’s online healthcare rollout.

“According to a recent poll, more in this country believe ObamaCare has been repealed than have been able to sign up,” he said. “The whole point of websites is to design them so that it’s nearly impossible to not sign up for something. Every time I go on Amazon, there’s a 40 percent chance I’ll mistakenly overnight myself six seasons of 'Night Court.' It’s just the way it’s designed.”

In another segment, Stewart checked in with one of his correspondents who was attempting to sign up on the site, only to find that he’d been sucked into the computer’s mainframe and suspended in a digital bureaucratic limbo that looked like The Matrix.

Despite its liberal leanings, "The Daily Show" isn’t always a safe house for Democrats. Earlier this month, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius appeared on the show to defend the online rollout, but Stewart grilled her on the site’s problems in an occasionally awkward interview.

On Monday, Stewart superimposed Sebelius on the cover of a Jay-Z album and said “the website has 99 problems and a glitch is all of them.”