White House: Washington brinkmanship inhibiting job growth

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Furman said that "lurching from crisis to crisis" was depriving the markets of "certainty" that could bring greater jobs growth.

He also called for a "balanced plan that replaces the sequester," as well as investment in infrastructure and education.

But while Furman encouraged more investment, Republican leaders said stimulus spending was responsible for lagging jobs growth.

“Today’s report shows the president has more than a troubled website to fix – he has a troubled economy, weakened by years of failed ‘stimulus’ policies and excessive red tape," said Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) in a statement. "Add the higher costs and rising premiums of ObamaCare on top of disappointing jobs numbers and underwhelming wage growth, and you have a recipe for economic stagnation."

Asked if he thought there was a potential for another government shutdown in January, when funding from the deal signed by President Obama last week expires, Furman said he didn't "see any reason why Congress should want to put the country through that again."

"If you look at what happened to the economy in the first half of October, there's no question there was a marked deterioration in a range of indicators, from labor market to confidence to sales to production," Furman said. "And, you know, no one should want to do that again."