May 20, 2015

Obama: Climate change ‘serious threat to global security’

The president says climate change "will impact how our military defends our country."
May 19, 2015

Democrat: 'I do not trust this president on trade'

"Not this president, not the last few presidents,” Rep. Jerrold Nadler says.
May 12, 2015

Trade vote set for defeat, dealing tough blow to Obama

The White House acknowledged the Senate does not have the votes to move forward.
May 12, 2015

Chicago selected for Obama presidential library

Obama said the library will spur growth on the South Side.
May 11, 2015

Obama surprises US moms with special phone call

Dawn Miller says she had no idea that President Obama would be on the line.
May 10, 2015

Report: Obama lied about bin Laden raid

Seymour Hersh accuses Obama of rushing to take credit for the al Qaeda leader's death.
May 5, 2015

Obama talks Baltimore during last Letterman appearance

Obama said the U.S. needs to be more proactive in addressing inequality and lack of opportunity.
April 27, 2015

Biden: New attorney general is 'cut from the exact same cloth' as Holder

Loretta Lynch on Monday was sworn in as the nation's chief law enforcement officer.
April 23, 2015

Obama takes 'full responsibility' for deaths of two hostages

Obama expressed his “deepest apologies” to the families of the two hostages.
April 20, 2015

Senate nearing deal to confirm Lynch

A vote on Obama's attorney general nominee could come as early as Wednesday.