September 23, 2014

Secret Service erects second fence around WH

The new barrier blocks tourists from the sidewalk outside the White House.
September 23, 2014

Obama on climate: 'No one gets a pass'

He said the world must come together to fight climate change “before it is too late.”
September 23, 2014

WATCH LIVE: Obama speaks at UN Climate Summit

Watch President Obama speak at the United Nations Climate Summit in an effort to build consensus on...
September 23, 2014

Obama hails Syria strikes, argues ISIS is not America's fight alone

"We're going to do what's necessary to take the fight to this terrorist group," Obama said.
September 23, 2014

WATCH LIVE: Obama speaks on Syria

The United States has launched airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria.
September 22, 2014

Obama ‘obviously concerned’ with White House security breach

Secret Service has launched comprehensive review of White House security.
September 21, 2014

Dem chides Obama, Congress for 'sneaky' move on ISIS

A House Democrat is calling out President Obama and Congress for a "sneaky" legislative maneuver.
September 19, 2014

McKeon: Obama 'harmful' to US troops

The House Armed Services Committee chairman says President Obama's military management style is “...
September 19, 2014

White House struggles to sell long-term strategy against ISIS

The struggles have undermined confidence on Capitol Hill among Democrats.
September 19, 2014

NCAA, MTV, BET join Obama campaign against sexual assault

The administration has recruited high-profile partners for the "It's On Us" campaign.