January 28, 2015

GOP seizes chance to put Holder on trial

Loretta Lynch will be the Senate GOP's first high-profile confirmation hearing.
January 27, 2015

Obama presses India on equal rights

Obama said women should be able to “walk the street” without fear.
January 26, 2015

Poll: Obama approval hits 50 percent

It's Obama's highest approval in Gallup's daily tracking poll since June 2013.
January 26, 2015

Obama sends signal to Saudis

Obama intends to highlight U.S. support for kingdom with quick visit.
January 26, 2015

Biden jokes about struggle to stay focused at State of the Union addresses

Vice President Biden admitted that he has to keep his attention from wandering.
January 23, 2015

President seeks to foster stronger ties with three-day visit to India

Obama has found a surprisingly willing partner in new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
January 21, 2015

Obama to GOP: 'You can't just say no'

The president called for Republicans to offer their own proposals.
January 21, 2015

RNC chairman: Obama 'detached from reality'

Reince Priebus said Obama is "living in two worlds."
January 20, 2015

Obama: Climate change the greatest threat to future generations

Obama said he would not let Congress "endanger health of our children" by resisting action.
January 20, 2015

LIVE: Obama gives SOTU address

Obama will call for Congress to embrace “middle class economics” in prime-time address.