March 11, 2015

White House 'not particularly interested’ in thousands of deleted Clinton emails

A spokesman said Clinton's actions are "not something I'm going to comment on."
March 6, 2015

Obama: DOJ right not to charge Ferguson cop

President also emphasized a report finding systematic bias within police department.
Obama, Hillary Clinton, Email
March 6, 2015

Spokesman: 'No idea' when Obama first learned of Clinton's email account

Josh Earnest said he "wouldn't be surprised" if Obama learned of it from reading the news.
March 6, 2015

Biden: Climate skepticism ‘like denying gravity’

The vice president blasted climate change skeptism as "close to mindless."
Obama, Netanyahu, Iran
March 3, 2015

Obama pans Bibi speech as 'nothing new'

He said Netanyahu "didn't offer any viable alternatives" to diplomacy with Iran.
March 3, 2015

White House threatens veto of GOP 'ambush election' bill

Obama will not sign a bill overturning the controversial labor regulation.
March 2, 2015

Obama: Netanyahu speech is not 'permanently destructive'

Susan Rice had said it was "destructive of the fabric" of the U.S.-Israel relationship.
February 26, 2015

Reid vows to block DHS conference

Reid says Democrats won't talk about GOP changes to the clean Homeland Security bill.
February 24, 2015

Moving forward to fix our broken immigration system

President writes in The Hill he'll fight "any attempt" to turn back progress on immigration.
February 23, 2015

Obama warns governors DHS shutdown will impact states

"They all work in your states," he said of the 100,000 workers who could be affected.