June 16, 2013

White House vows no ‘rush to war’ in Syria

“We've rushed to war in this region in the past. We're not going to do it here,” said Denis...
June 14, 2013

Bill Clinton wants Congress to 'look again' at infrastructure bank

Former President Clinton called on Friday for Congress to revive the idea of creating a national...
June 14, 2013

Bill Clinton looks to squash reports of his criticism of Obama

Clinton reportedly warned Obama risked looking like “a total fool” by listening to opinion polls on...
June 13, 2013

Obama at LGBT event: Nation at 'turning point'

"We know from our own history that change happens because we push it to," Obama said.
June 13, 2013

Carney: Obama 'welcomes' advice from Bill Clinton on Syria

The former president warned Obama he risked looking like a "total fool" if he does not intervene...
June 12, 2013

White House staffers share their immigration stories

The White House on Wednesday released a Web video touting the immigration stories of West Wing...
June 11, 2013

Obama: 'Moment is now' on immigration

The president on Tuesday threw his weight behind the Senate immigration reform bill as the “vehicle...
June 10, 2013

Obama: ‘It’s time to close gap’ on unequal wages for women

At a White House event on Monday, the president marked the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act.
June 7, 2013

Obama defends NSA surveillance programs as 'right balance'

"You can complain about big brother ... but ... I think we've struck the right balance," Obama said.
June 7, 2013

President: I could become NSA target

“I suspect that on a list of people who might be targeted ... I’d probably be pretty high,” Obama...