April 10, 2013

Obama's budget faces backlash on the Hill

The Hill's Managing Editor Bob Cusack sat down with staff writer Elise Viebeck on Wednesday to get...
April 10, 2013

Obama: Budget will help 'reignite' middle class

President Obama released a 2014 budget on Wednesday that would leave the nation with a $744 billion...
April 10, 2013

WATCH LIVE: Obama unveils White House budget

—This event has concluded. President Obama’s budget to be released on Wednesday would leave the...
April 9, 2013

WATCH LIVE: White House tribute to Memphis soul

—This event has concluded. President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama welcome musicians and...
April 9, 2013

WATCH LIVE: Biden, Holder press lawmakers to move gun bill

—This event has concluded. Vice President Biden will pick up where President Obama left off in the...
April 9, 2013

Obama pushes gun control: 'This isn’t about me'

President Obama made a last-ditch effort Monday to build support for a Senate gun control bill by...
April 8, 2013

WATCH LIVE: Obama pushes for gun control in Conn. speech

—This event has concluded. President Obama will press Congress to pass gun control legislation in a...
April 7, 2013

Pfeiffer: Obama budget won’t push a ‘Romney economic plan’

The senior White House adviser Sunday pushed back at GOP criticisms of Obama's forthcoming budget.
April 5, 2013

Michelle Obama calls herself a 'single mother,' corrects self

Michelle Obama referred to herself as a "busy, single mother" in a TV interview on Thursday before...
April 4, 2013

'Kid President' tours the Oval Office with President Obama

Robby Novak, known in his YouTube videos as "Kid President," had his "dream come true" when he got...