December 5, 2012

Geithner: White House prepared to face fiscal cliff

The White House is "absolutely" prepared to hold firm on the "fiscal cliff" if Republicans do not...
December 5, 2012

Obama: Repeat of debt-limit fight would be 'catastrophe' for US

President Obama warned Republicans against using a hike in the debt ceiling as leverage to win...
December 4, 2012

Obama: Susan Rice 'highly qualified,' but no decision yet on secretary of State

Obama on Tuesday rejected the suggestion that he would look "weak" were he not to appoint Rice to...
December 4, 2012

Obama dismisses new offer from Boehner as 'still out of balance'

The president said the Republican plan to raise $800 billion in revenues without increasing tax...
December 3, 2012

Obama: 'There will be consequences' for using chemical weapons

President Obama issued a stern warning to Syria on Monday, threatening a strong U.S. response...
December 3, 2012

Carney: GOP 'doomsday' plan 'entirely unacceptable'

The White House is pressing Republicans to make a counteroffer to President Obama’s deficit...
December 2, 2012

Obama pays tribute to Kennedy Center honorees at White House reception

Obama lauded the award recipients, including David Letterman, actor Dustin Hoffman and Led Zeppelin...
December 2, 2012

Geithner presses GOP, says no deficit deal unless tax rates rise on wealthy

Geithner also defended the initial White House proposal as a "comprehensive, very carefully...
November 30, 2012

Obama says not extending middle-class tax cuts would be like receiving a 'lump of coal'

President Obama said Friday that if Congress did not extend tax cuts for the middle class by Jan....
November 29, 2012

Biden stocks up during DC Costco opening

Vice President Biden went to the mecca of bulk goods on Thursday morning.