September 1, 2012

Obama thanks military, vows ‘nation-building' efforts 'here at home’

In his address Obama marked the second anniversary of the end of combat operations in Iraq.
August 31, 2012

Obama returns to Ft. Bliss for Iraq War anniversary

President Obama returned to Ft. Bliss Friday two years to the day after he declared the end of U.S...
August 28, 2012

Obama urges caution as storm approaches: 'Now is not the time to tempt fate'

President Obama briefly addressed the nation Tuesday regarding Tropical Storm Isaac, which is in...
August 25, 2012

Obama: Medicare changes didn’t reduce benefits ‘a single dime’

In his weekly address, Obama pushed back on Romney's claims he "raided" Medicare.
August 24, 2012

Michelle Obama visits families of Sikh temple shooting victims

First lady Michelle Obama met with the families of the victims of the Sikh temple shooting on...
August 22, 2012

Obama's reason to stop smoking: His daughters

Ultimately, President Obama had one reason to quit smoking: his daughters. In an interview with...
August 20, 2012

Obama: Chemical weapons in Syria creates 'red line' for US

President Obama said Monday that the use of Syria’s chemical weapons is a red line that could...
August 20, 2012

Obama says 'rape is rape,' calls Akin comment 'offensive'

President Obama on Monday called Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-Mo.) recent remarks about rape “offensive” and...
August 20, 2012

Obama drops by first lady's 'Kids' State Dinner'

First lady Michelle Obama hosted the first “Kids' State Dinner” for the winners of a national...
August 19, 2012

Obama: George Clooney is a ‘wonderful guy’

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama can count many Hollywood stars among their supporters...