April 3, 2012

Axelrod: Mitt Romney ‘must watch "Mad Men" and think it's the evening news’

Senior Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod on Tuesday blasted Romney’s economic policies, saying...
April 2, 2012

Hillary Clinton says Limbaugh should be called out for 'verbal assault'

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that some of Rush Limbaugh's comments towards women...
April 2, 2012

Obama: Striking down healthcare law would be 'unprecedented'

President Obama on Monday said he is “confident” the Supreme Court will uphold his healthcare...
April 2, 2012

Obama says 'women are not an interest group' in Planned Parenthood video message

President Obama stood behind Planned Parenthood and ripped Republicans for "playing politics" with...
April 1, 2012

Taylor Swift 'freaking out' to get Kids Choice Award from Michelle Obama

Music superstar Taylor Swift didn't hide her excitement Saturday night at being presented with a...
April 1, 2012

Biden to voters: ‘This isn’t your father’s Republican Party’

Biden on Sunday said a minority of Republican lawmakers had blocked leadership from compromising...
March 31, 2012

Biden: Gun laws likely to be debated in wake of Trayvon Martin shooting

Vice President Biden said Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law would likely be thoroughly examined.
March 31, 2012

Obama: Buffett Rule tax hike will 'make this country a little fairer'

President Obama urged lawmakers to pass legislation that would raise taxes on those making more...
March 30, 2012

RNC draws heat over ad with doctored Supreme Court audio

The altered recording makes the Obama administration's defense of the health law appear more...
March 29, 2012

Aziz Ansari: Obama 'acts the exact same way I would’ if president

Comedian and actor Aziz Ansari emphatically recounted his recent meeting with President Obama to...