March 15, 2012

White House executive chef says politics divides, but food unites

White House executive chef Cristeta "Cris" Comerford touted the blend of American and British...
March 14, 2012

Obama pledges 'robust' NATO presence during 'fighting season'

President Obama reaffirmed Wednesday that the United States will not accelerate its withdrawal from...
March 14, 2012

Obama and British PM Cameron's Rose Garden press conference

President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron held a joint press conference in the Rose...
March 14, 2012

Obama Final Four picks heavy on swing states

Obama predicts North Carolina edging Kentucky in the final game, with Ohio State and Missouri also...
March 14, 2012

Obama cracks jokes on 'bracketology,' War of 1812 to welcome British PM

President Obama turned on the comedic charm as he welcomed British Prime Minister David Cameron to...
March 14, 2012

British PM Cameron: Obama's 'going to help me fill out my bracket'

President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron took in a uniquely American tradition...
March 13, 2012

Obama: US will treat Afghan killings 'as if it was our own children'

President Obama said Tuesday that the United States is "heartbroken" over the Afghan civilians...
March 13, 2012

White House press briefing Tuesday, March 13

White House press secretary Jay Carney briefed the press, Tuesday March 13.
March 13, 2012

Obama steps up pressure on China to loosen export restrictions

President Obama announced the administration's new efforts to enforce trade rights with China, on...
March 13, 2012

Obama warns opponents against 'using religion as a bludgeon in politics'

In an interview aired Monday, Obama pushed back against critics who accuse him of waging a "war on...