December 1, 2011

Clinton on Burma: 'US is willing to match actions with actions'

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States is prepared to consider the easing and...
December 1, 2011

Obama: 'We are going to win this fight' against AIDS

President Obama announced $50 million in new federal funding for AIDS treatment while speaking...
December 1, 2011

Biden: 'I am never ready to close the door on anything'

Speaking in Iraq, Vice President Joe Biden said the administration had fulfilled its campaign...
November 30, 2011

First dog Bo recreated for White House holiday decorations

Holiday decorations at the White House are much more elaborate than just a tree and lights. This...
November 30, 2011

Obama energizes crowd with GOP barbs in Scranton

President Obama elicited cheers for himself and loud boos for congressional Republicans when he...
November 30, 2011

Obama press secretary: 'Answer is no' to changing automatic spending cuts

White House spokesman Jay Carney reiterated Wednesday that President Obama will not agree to a...
November 30, 2011

Hillary Clinton lands in Burma

Clinton arrived Wednesday in Burma, the first time in 50 years an American secretary of State has...
November 29, 2011

Biden makes surprise visit to Iraq ahead of US troop withdrawal

The vice president is hoping to negotiate with Iraqi officials over a continued American presence...
November 25, 2011

New White House Christmas tree arrives

The 19-foot balsam fir is from Wisconsin and will be on display at the White House.
November 22, 2011

Protesters heckle Obama at New Hampshire speech

President Obama was heckled on Tuesday during an appearance at a New Hampshire high school.