March 2, 2012

Obama responds to NYC heckler: 'You're jumping the gun' on Iran

President Obama was heckled over a possible war with Iran at a New York City fundraiser on Thursday...
March 1, 2012

Obama: Stop 'subsidizing' fossil fuels

President Obama urged Congress on Thursday to vote in the coming weeks to repeal oil industry tax...
March 1, 2012

Obama energy speech targets oil industry tax breaks

Democrats hope to paint Republicans as defenders of big oil companies amid the controversy over...
March 1, 2012

Obama honors veterans at White House dinner

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hosted a dinner at the White House Wednesday night in...
March 1, 2012

Obama tells 'Sports Guy' he has another five years in office

President Obama doubled down on his prediction he'll be in the White House another five years...
March 1, 2012

Obama: Apology to Afghans helped 'calm things down'

"We're not out of the woods yet," President Obama said in an interview with ABC News.
February 29, 2012

Clinton: North Korea nuclear testing halt ‘a modest first step’

North Korea has agreed to a moratorium on its nuclear tests, long-range missile launches and...
February 28, 2012

Obama dog Bo raps in new Web series by Oscar-winning animator

Presidential pooch Bo is getting an animated makeover in a new online dance series created by the...
February 28, 2012

Obama calls Romney criticism of auto bailout 'a load of you know what'

Speaking to the United Auto Workers conference on Tuesday, President Obama used the renewed success...
February 28, 2012

Obama delivers remarks at United Auto Workers conference

President Obama delivered remarks at the United Auto Workers Convention in Washington, D.C., at 11:...