Herman Cain 'honored' by actor's endorsement, cowboy parody

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain promoted a video on Tuesday made for him by Hollywood star Nick Searcy.

"Honored to receive the endorsement of 'Justified' star Nick Searcy," Cain tweeted, along with a link to a "parody video" starring the actor.

The video, titled "He carried yellow flowers," begins with what seems to be a Western movie. "Why's it always gotta be about color? What are you guys, liberal?" demands Searcy's character, a cowboy apparently facing down criticism over his choice of yellow flowers.

"Looking cool and saying lines that somebody else wrote for me doesn't make me a real tough guy, any more than looking cool and reading lines off the teleprompter that somebody else wrote makes somebody a real leader," Searcy later says into the camera, a clear jab at President Obama. "But Herman Cain is a real leader."