Bachmann: Gov. Perry's HPV vaccine order was 'abuse of power'

She told CNN that the parental opt-out for the vaccine program did not change the fact that it could have "devastating consequences."

"Let's face it, when the government tells parents you must have a vaccination for your child, you have to go an extraordinary length in order to not do that for your child," she said.

During Monday's debate Bachmann claimed Perry looked the other way because of a $5,000 campaign contribution and because his former chief of staff was the head lobbyist for the drug company that stood to benefit from the program.

Perry shot back, pointing out that he raises millions of dollars and the company had given him just $5,000. "If you’re saying I could be bought for $5,000 I’m offended," he said.

Bachmann explained her remarks on NBC's "Today" show Tuesday, saying, "It's very clear crony capitalism could have likely been the cause because the governor's former chief of staff was the chief lobbyist for this drug company. This was an issue that could have gone before the legislature, but rather than putting it before hearings and before the legislature the governor chose by himself, unilaterally to sign an executive order."