Fla. Gov. Scott: 'Can't win the presidency if you don't win Florida' 

Gov. Rick Scott (R) Monday highlighted his state's importance in the presidential election, saying he believes in order to win the White House, a candidate will have to win in the state of Florida. 

"You have to win Florida, you can't win the presidency if you don't win Florida. You know we have almost 19 million people, a diverse state, we have every demographic group in the country. It will be the first big primary. All the primaries that will be ahead of us will be smaller in total than we are, so you have to win Florida. You have to get our delegates," Scott said Monday on "Fox and Friends."

Fox News and Google are sponsoring a GOP debate in Orlando, Fla., Thursday night and the Florida straw poll will be held Saturday in the same city. 

Scott also said he believes the winner of Florida's straw poll will be the Republican nominee.