Vince Vaughn: A 'great honor' to introduce Ron Paul

Actor Vince Vaughn is dabbling in politics on behalf of his friend, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas). The comedian said he had "the great honor" to introduce the presidential candidate at The Liberty Political Action Conference (LPAC) in Reno, Nev., an annual forum for "freedom activists" featuring mostly libertarian speakers.

"Dr. Paul has been involved in politics because he has something very important and meaningful to say and he has devoted himself to spreading that message," Vaughn said in his introduction Friday, posted on YouTube by Paul's campaign.

Vaughn told the audience that he first reached out to the presidential hopeful because of his calls for an audit of the Federal Reserve.

"I think he was just a little surprised to think I was calling him, but I was just impressed with his talking points on that subject and willingness to get out there," said Vaughn. "It is my great honor tonight to present to you, Dr. Ron Paul."

Paul and Vaughn are "friends," according to Paul’s campaign.

Vaughn wrote an endorsement for Paul’s book End the Fed in 2009, writing: “Everyone must read this book — Congressmen and college students, Democrats and Republicans — all Americans.”

The Texas lawmaker and his wife also attended the premiere of Vaughn’s film “Couples Retreat” in 2009.