DNC video attacks GOP for not criticizing booing of gay soldier

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) released a new web video attacking Republican presidential candidates over controversies from recent Republican presidential debates.

In one incident referenced in the video, audience members cheered at the prospect of an uninsured individual being denied life-saving care.

In another incident during the Fox/Google GOP debate in Orlando last week a gay military member serving in Iraq asked the candidates if they would "circumvent the progress made for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military" as president.

Some people in the audience were heard booing in the background.

The ad titled "Not One Candidate," references an editorial in the Concord Monitor Sunday that said, "The most disturbing aspect of the WrestleMania behavior at the debates is not that some audience members booed a soldier and many cheered death. It's that not one Republican candidate, and there were nine on the stage on Thursday, spoke up to admonish the crowd and call for civility. Not one candidate, in situations that cried out for it, exhibited leadership."