Jon Stewart’s advice for Ron Paul: Start 'flip-flopping'

Jon Stewart gave some unsolicited political advice to Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) Monday on "The Daily Show."

"It seems like what gets a lot of attention is saying one thing a few years ago and then changing your position. Have you thought about flip-flopping?"

Stewart jokingly suggested that since a lot of debate time is taken up by candidates defending past positions, Paul would get more media attention if he also repudiated past positions.

"So if you were my political adviser you would suggest maybe I should try that and get more attention," said Paul.

"Your consistency has been a real problem for the media," added Stewart.

Stewart also questioned Paul on whether his "very enthusiastic" support can be broadened into a wider base.

"Your 15 percent … will yell harder than Romney's 30 percent. His 30 percent don't seem to really like him, but how can you expand past that?" asked Stewart.

Paul said the "hardcore" group of supporters that understand his message and are willing to volunteer and donate money for his campaign will eventually translate into an “explosion” of broader support.