Rangel on Christie: GOP primary voters will 'eat him up alive'

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday ruled out New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's chances of winning the GOP's presidential nomination, saying he would "never survive the Republican primary, they’ll eat him up alive."

Christie has been the center of much speculation as reports claim he is weighing jumping into the race. The governor will deliver an address Tuesday evening at the Reagan Presidential Library in California.

Rangel added that after watching former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman's reception in the GOP debates “you would see he [Christie] would never survive it. That’s probably his reluctancy."

Rangel's dismissive comments weren't the first time the lawmaker has weighed in on the Republican primary. Last week, he appeared unannounced at a fundraiser for Texas Gov. Rick Perry in his Harlem district. There, he mocked Perry, calling him "the best thing going for President Obama."