Cain touts new book, enjoys rise in the polls

Cain repeated his claim that he could capture a third of the black vote in 2012, “not because I'm black but because I have the solution.” Cain said that although black people have been “brainwashed” into voting Democratic, “the good news is many black Americans are thinking for themselves” and have started to take a look at his proposals.

Cain dismissed the current front-runners in the GOP field, saying Mitt Romney is “running top-heavy” with a lot of money but would eventually be weighed down by the “ankle bracelet” of the healthcare reforms he implemented as Massachusetts governor. He added that Texas Gov. Rick Perry “should have been more prepared” when he entered the race.

Cain was tied with Perry for second place behind Romney this week in a new Washington Post/ABC News survey, a huge jump for Cain, who has previously trailed in the polls.

Cain acknowledged that his book includes many stories describing growing up in poverty and his experiences with racism. “I'm not angry with America,” he told the panel on Fox News. “America has something that a lot of other countries don't have: the ability to change.”