Herman Cain rising, gets his own Taiwanese animation

The former Godfathers Pizza CEO has surged to the top tier of the Republican field, placing in ties for first or second place in recent national polls.

The video explores the Tea Partys support of Cain and his claim that in a general election against President Obama he would receive at least a third of the black vote.

Cain’s mix of business savvy and staunch conservatism have made him a favorite with the Tea Party,” the video continuesSupport for Cain shields Tea Partiers from charges of racism. Cain also said he could win support from a third of black voters, who are traditionally staunch Democrats. 

Next Media Animation, which produced the the Taiwanese video, is known for its interesting take on world events.

Fellow GOP contender Texas Gov. Rick Perry was was the subject of his own Taiwanese animation after he took the spotlight in the Republican field.