DNC continues attacks on Romney

"In the last week, we’ve seen Mitt flip on at least three issues. He called the president’s payroll tax credit, $1,500 to working families, a ‘little Band-Aid.’ He previously called efforts to promote fair trade policies with the Chinese 'protectionism' that stifles activity. And he had told voters in auto-friendly states that he wouldn’t sit back as others said ‘too bad’ to the domestic industry’s challenges. In each instance, he made a complete 180," said a DNC statement accompanying the video.

The committee is also circulating a memo that attempts to paint Romney as out of touch and elitist for his work at Bain Capital, a private equity firm. Included in the memo is a photo that has been circulating around the Internet of Romney and other Bain executives posing in a rain of dollar bills.

The increasingly negative attacks indicate the Democrats' increased belief that Romney will be the eventual nominee; in addition to the DNC Web ads, the committee has set up a Romney "flip-flopping" website, and David Axelrod, manager of Obama's reelection campaign, has doggedly attacked the former Massachusetts governor over the past week.

The Romney campaign has taken notice, releasing a video of its own that paints Romney as "what the White House is worried about most" and asking the president if he is "nervous." Campaign spokeswoman Gail Gitcho went on to denounce the attacks by Axelrod and the DNC in a statement Monday.

"First, President Obama was going to run on his record. He said if he didn't turn around the economy in three years, he would be a one-term president. When that didn't work, their strategy was to tie Mitt Romney to past policies. Then it was 'kill Mitt' and the strategy of personal destruction. Now they have signaled their new strategy is to go after Wall Street reform. What next? No matter what they come up with, President Obama can't hide from the fact that his record on job creation has been abysmal. More middle-class workers have lost their job under President Obama than in any time in modern history — and no amount of spin can cover up that truth," Gitcho said.