OFA presses parents to push ObamaCare on kids

The advocacy group born from President Obama's reelection campaign is telling supporters to push their younger relatives to sign up for ObamaCare during holiday gatherings.

"This campaign focuses on encouraging parents and grandparents to talk to the young adults in their lives about the importance of signing up for health coverage," Organizing for Action said in a statement.

As part of the effort, the group launched a new website and YouTube video on Friday encouraging supporters to “think about how you’ll bring it up” to family members. The page includes "conversation tips" and a "packing list" of information individuals need to sign up for insurance.

“Be persistent, but keep it positive,” the group says. “Tell them you care about their health, and focus on the benefits that come from knowing that you have health insurance.”

The video features a man whose parents warn him they have "something important to talk to you about" before he arrives for a family dinner. After the man imagines a series of frightening possibilities, it's ultimately revealed they want him to sign up for ObamaCare.

"Having the talk is easier than you imagine," on-screen text reads. "This holiday season, make sure you talk to your loved ones about getting covered."

The push comes as White House press secretary Jay Carney admitted in an interview Friday that early enrollment figures were low, partially thanks to the malfunctioning ObamaCare website.

"By definition, when you have a website that isn’t functioning well, you’re going to have problems, and we’ve owned up to that repeatedly," Carney told CNN's "New Day."