Jindal breaks with Perry on tuition credits for illegal immigrants

The Louisiana governor was reticent to echo Perry's attack on Romney over hiring a gardening company that employed illegal immigrants to work at his home.

"I think both Gov. Perry and Gov. Romney understand that President Obama has failed to secure the border," Jindal said, "and I think both these governors understand we can't continue to have an open border."

Jindal said he thought the back-and-forth would strengthen both candidates.

"Presidential politics is kind of like SEC football, it's a full-contact sport," Jindal said. "I'm glad there's a rough-and-tumble debate."

He then said that though he had endorsed Perry, he thought either candidate would be a good nominee for the party.

"The reality is I think either of these guys, both have been governors … would be better than President Obama," Jindal said.