Union chief says Cain’s economic plan ‘almost laughable’

“It's tough to take anything like that seriously,” Trumka, discussing the 9-9-9 plan, said in a video posted on Fox News Thursday.

“Workers are working hard and their wages have stagnated. To have Herman Cain, a serious contender on the Republican side, to make a statement like that, that he wants to further lower wages, that he wants to do away with the minimum wage — it's almost laughable,” added Trumka.

Cain has criticized the mimum wage, and his proposal to replace the federal tax system with a 9 percent corporate, sales and income tax has come under fire from analysts who have said it would raise taxes on the poor and middle class.

Cain, the former Godfather's Pizza CEO, is to give a speech Friday in Detroit on his economic proposals.

Cain is expected to offer details about the economic “opportunity zones” he has cited as offsetting increased taxes on the poor.

To qualify as an “opportunity zone,” a jurisdiction would have to adopt policies including eliminating the minimum wage, instituting school vouchers and declaring the area “right-to-work,” which makes it harder for workers to organize.

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— Justin Sink contributed.