Huntsman daughters spoof Cain ad, blow bubbles instead of smoke

In the parody, the three Huntsman daughters, Abby, Liddy and Mary, each wear mustaches similar to Blocks.

Jon 2012 girls here. Since the mid-80s weve had the privilege of watching our father, Jon Huntsman, represent America three separate times overseas, and back here at home, as a two-term governor of Utah, Liddy Huntsman says.

We strongly believe that our dad has the experience and proven track record to revive Americas economy and create jobs, Abby Huntsman says. Even if we didnt believe that…wed still have to be here.

We are shamelessly promoting our dad, like no other candidates family ever has. But then again, no ones ever seen a trio like the Jon 2012girls, Mary Anne Huntsman says.

Earlier this week Cains campaign released a decidedly unorthodox ad that had political observers scratching their heads. The ad featured Block smoking a cigarette and speaking directly into the camera.

Weve run a campaign like nobodys ever seen, but then Americas never seen a candidate like Herman Cain, Block says in the Cain ad, which Cain called hilarious.

The Huntsman ad ends with the girls all blowing bubbles, a clear play on Block taking a drag from a cigarette during the Cain ad.