Bachmann: Perry supporters behind calls for her to drop 2012 run

Rep. Michele Bachamann (Minn.) accused GOP presidential opponent Rick Perry of coordinating a request for her to drop her 2012 presidential run. 

“This was meant to be a stealth move to make it look like this was Tea Party, and apparently, these are Perry supporters that came out and it was just a clumsy move on their part to make this statement,” Bachamnn told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Friday. 

Representatives from the Tea Party questioned Bachmann’s presidential run, saying she was not a serious candidate, and called on her to drop out of the 2012 republican presidential race. 

One prominent Tea Party activist, Ned Ryun of American Majority has backed Rick Perry, identifying the Texas governor as the conservative candidate in the 2012 race.  

Bachmann touted her Tea Party conservative credentials in an interview Friday, and explained why she believes the Perry campaign is behind the attacks on her presidential run.  

“I've been a leading foe of Nancy Pelosi and the overspending, and a leading foe of President Obama. I've been called his chief critic in Washington D.C.," she said. "That's my badge of honor.”