Perry: 'Not worried a bit' about debating Obama

"I'm not worried a bit that I'll be able to stand on that stage with Barack Obama and draw a very bright line,"said Perry on "Fox News Sunday."

The governor has been criticized for his ability to effectively debate on the national stage, prompting "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace to press him on whether he would be able to compete against Obama in a debate.

Perry slammed Obama's jobs record and involvement in Iraq, aiming to highlight the differences between himself and the president. 

He called Obama's handling of the economy an "absolute Frankenstein experience."

"We got a great debater, a smooth politician in the White House right now, that's not working very good for America, said Perry earlier in the Fox News interview.

Perry's campaign confirmed he would attend five more debates after earlier suggesting he may forgo several GOP debates. 

"Eighteen debates is, I think, way too many debates frankly," Perry said.

The governor said he preferred longer format interviews where he has more time to explain his positions. He also told Fox that the debates take an "incredible" amount of time and preparation.