Bachmann: 'I don't have any comment' on Cain harassment allegations

"I don't have any comment on this particular issue. I don't have any inside information. There's nothing I know. The one thing I can tell you is you won't find any surprises with me in my record," said Bachmann on NBC's "Today" show.

"I have a very consistent conservative record on policy and there won't be any surprises," she added.

Since the allegations against Cain surfaced earlier this week the response from the GOP field has been mixed.

Bachmann was one of the first candidates to reference the charges, saying on Tuesday that the GOP's presidential nominee can't have any skeletons in the closet.

"This is the year when we can't have any surprises with our candidate," Bachmann said while speaking at a meeting of Baptists in Marshalltown, Iowa, according to The Associated Press.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was dragged into the scandal when Cain's chief of staff accused a former staffer now affiliated with Perry's campaign for leaking the story to the press.

Perry's campaign has adamantly denied being the source of the leak since the harassment charges first emerged earlier this week.

Cain's chief of staff, Mark Block, later walked back the accusations, saying, "We want to move on with the campaign," on Fox News Thursday.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) also weighed in on the controversy this week, suggesting that another GOP presidential campaign could be responsible for the allegations of past sexual harassment lawsuits. Former House Speaker and White House rival Newt Gingrich on Wednesday defended Cain against allegations, dismissing charges as "gossip."

All of the major Republican contenders have denied involvement in pushing the story against their fellow candidate.