Cain, Gingrich in agreement during one-on-one debate

Although the event was modeled on the legendary debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas in the 1858 Illinois Senate campaign, it lacked any of the passionate disagreements that characterized that race. Cain and the former House Speaker (R-Ga.) were in sync on nearly every issue and went out of their way to praise each other.

At the beginning of the event, both men said they would make a great team to take on President Obama. "We both think you just saw the ticket, but we disagree about which of us has which job," Gingrich said.

They also argued for the need to overhaul the country's tax code and entitlement programs. 

"I believe as Speaker Gingrich believes, that we can't reshuffle Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security," Cain said. "We must restructure."

Gingrich said that both candidates would implement private-sector-style reforms in government.

“We are the two most radical candidates,” Gingrich said.