Group launches super PAC to aid Gingrich

But the ability to build an effective ground organization would be essential to capitalizing on Cain's stumble. Gingrich has thus far struggled to bring in dollars, raising less than a $1 million and leaving less than $500,000 in the bank at the end of the last financial reporting quarter. His campaign is just now stabilizing after the en masse resignation of his top aides earlier this summer.

Charlie Smith, head of the new PAC believes that his organization can help bridge that gap.

“Solutions 2012 will fill the void by making expenditures for GOTV efforts, mail, and television and radio ads,” said a press release from the group.

A video posted to the group's website played up Gingrich's policy knowledge while chiding the other candidates for violating Ronald Reagan's "11th Commandment" by attacking one another.

"While the other candidates attack each other, one is rising in the polls," the video says. "Substance matters."