Cain on Libya brain freeze: 'Nothing happened'

"I mean, they asked me a question about Libya and I paused so I could gather my thoughts. You know, it's really complimentary when people start documenting my pauses," said Cain Monday in Green Bay, Wis. "It's one thing to document every word."

Cain struggled to answer whether he agreed with how President Obama handled the uprising in Libya before the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's editorial board earlier Monday, searching for words in embarrassed silence and at one point saying he had “all of this stuff twirling around in my head.” 

The interview was widely circulated in the media Tuesday and had many people drawing comparisons to Perry’s embarrassing gaffe during last week's debate, where Perry forgot the third department he would eliminate if he became president.

Cain told reporters, who questioned him on his earlier interview, that he doesn't think Obama conducted proper due diligence on the Libyan uprising, and raised concerns about the people involved in the opposition movement.

"We differ in that, number one, I would have done a better job of figuring out exactly who was in the opposition," said Cain to reporters. "Secondly, I did not agree with [Moammar] Gadhafi killing his own people. No one would. But we needed to have a better handle on our position and now the company is in shambles, we're not sure if this new quote, unquote government is going to be able to fill that void, so I would have done more due diligence."

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