Huntsman laughs off low poll numbers on 'SNL'

While Jon Huntsman's jokes haven't always drawn laughs at the Republican presidential debates, the former Utah governor fared better as a guest this weekend on NBC's "Saturday Night Live."

Huntsman, who has struggled to gain traction in the Republican race, joked about his low poll numbers with "Weekend Update" host Seth Meyers.

“Just a few months ago, we were polling at the margin of error, so to have any digit at all is a pretty big deal,” Huntsman joked.

Meyers also played off Huntsman's longshot status.

“Here’s something you never hear at debates: Governor Huntsman, the first question is for you,” Meyers joked by way of introduction.

The duo went on to laugh about Huntsman's focus on New Hampshire, where he has consolidated his efforts.

"I love all of America, from Dallas, Texas, to Manchester, New Hampshire. From the majestic Rocky Mountains to New Hampshire's scenic Lake Winnapausake. From the innovation of Silicon Valley to the affordable outlet malls in North Conway, New Hampshire," Huntsman joked.

Meyers then told Huntsman that he was a New Hampshire native.

"Well that makes sense. Because you're kind and good looking -- classic New Hampshire," Huntsman quipped.

When Meyers told the former governor that Granite State voters wouldn't be won over by easy compliments, Huntsman agreed, noting that the primary-goers were "wise, like a Dartmouth professor."

Huntsman was not the only candidate to be lampooned on the sketch show. In the cold open, star Jason Sudeikis played Mitt Romney. The premise of the sketch was that Romney was attempting to show voters his edgier side after his Republican opponents had dominated the headlines with a series of scandals and flubs.

"You don't hear much about me in the news because the other candidates like Herman Cain and Rick Perry are hogging all the headlines with sex scandals and whoopsie-daisies. That's why my staff and I decided I was too boring, and therefore I should become 15 to 17 percent more edgy," he said.

The segment featured "Romney" switching out his suit jacket for a leather one, "flubbing" a call to repeal "Obama-hair" instead of "Obamacare", and telling a former colleague that she was a "sharp dresser." The character also bestowed upon himself the nickname "Danger."