Jolly takes aim at O-Care

Republican congressional nominee David Jolly launched a new ad Wednesday outlining his platforms, a day after he won the primary in his special election race.

In a 30-second ad, the Florida GOP candidate from Pinellas County spoke directly to the camera.

“I want to repeal ObamaCare…right away. It’s bad for our families and for our economy,” he said. “On illegal immigration, I support stronger borders, not amnesty. I also favor tax cuts, a balanced budget, and supporting our veterans. My opponent wants to win this for Washington. I’m in it to win it for Pinellas.”

Jolly’s Democratic opponent, Alex Sink, also launched a new ad on Wednesday. It featured her dad saying Sink had a “stubborn” insistence on running for Congress.

Jolly and Sink are running for the seat left open by the late Rep. Bill Young (R), who died in October after serving 42 years in Congress.

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