McConnell slammed for long tenure

Sen. Mitch McConnellMitch McConnellTrump’s isolation grows Ellison: Trump has 'level of sympathy' for neo-Nazis, white supremacists Trump touts endorsement of second-place finisher in Alabama primary MORE’s primary challenger is accusing him of having “lost touch with Kentucky” in new radio ads.

The first ad from Matt Bevin notes how long McConnell has been in office by recalling some of the cultural touchstones from 1984, the year he first won a Senate seat from Kentucky.

“When Mitch was first elected to the Senate, 'The Cosby Show' was brand new, Thriller was topping the charts, and the Cabbage Patch Kids were the hot toys,” a narrator says in the ad.

Bevin promises to put “Kentucky’s conservative values first” and says he will never vote to fund President Obama's healthcare law.

In the other radio ad, Bevin frames the Senate race in sweeping terms, declaring it’s “a battle for the heart and soul of the entire political process.”

“Will we continue to have a government of, and by, and for the people? Or will we be instead a government of, and by, and for a handful of career politicians and their Washington cronies?” he asks.

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