Romney accused of complaining about 'aggressive' interview

Bret Baier, host of Fox News's "Special Report," told fellow Fox News host Bill O'Reilly on Wednesday night that Romney told him he was "irritated by the interview."

Romney told Baier the interview was "overly aggressive," according to Baier, that he did not like the interview and considered questions "uncalled for."

Romney's performance in the interview was already under fire by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The DNC jumped on the interview Wednesday, mocking Romney for what they called a "disastrous" interview in a web video that included clips of cable news hosts and pundits describing Romney performance as "irritable" and "uncomfortable." DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse also taunted Romney campaign aides for not promoting the interview in an email blind copied to multiple reporters.

Baier had asked Romney questions about the healthcare legislation implemented in Massachusetts while he was governor and about being pinned with the label "flip-flopper" by the DNC and fellow Republican presidential contenders.

Romney pushed back on the label during the interview, saying if he were "willing to say anything to get elected," he would back away from his Massachusetts healthcare legislation, calling it a "mistake" as other candidates have done when past policies become a problem in their campaigns.

Romney objected during the interview that aired Tuesday night that he had answered several of Baier's questions before. At one point, he said, "This is an unusual interview."

Jon Huntsman, Romney's fellow contender for the GOP nomination, gave the DNC a hand on Thursday, releasing a new video titled "Mittstant Replay" that offered a compilation of apparent contradictions in Romney's interview clips and included footage of Baier describing Romney's complaint.

On Thursday, Woodhouse also promoted the Twitter hashtag #QuestionsMittLikes.

Romney's campaign did not immediately respond for comment.