Ron Paul: Gingrich has been ‘getting a free ride’

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul on Thursday continued his attack of rival candidate Newt Gingrich on the campaign trail.

I think that he is getting a free ride, and Ive worked for him for a long time and I think that the points I made on the various issues [show] that hes a flip-flopper, so he can hardly be an alternative to Mitt Romney, Paul said at a health food store in Portsmouth, N.H., CNN reported.

Romney has been repeatedly hammered throughout the campaign by Democrats and fellow GOP contenders over claims that he changes his policy positions for political expediency.

Pauls campaign released a Web video Wednesday slamming Gingrich as a hypocrite and attacking his ties to mortgage giant Freddie Mac.

Gingrich has been receiving increased scrutiny and criticism since he began to rise in the polls. He surged past Romney and is now leading in most national polls of GOP voters. Paul has stayed steady for most of 2011 at around 8 percent, where he is tied for fourth place with Rick Perry.

— Josh Lederman contributed to this story.