Ben Stein defends Cain, compares to Thomas Jefferson

Conservative actor and author Ben Stein defended presidential candidate Herman Cain on Friday, saying attacks over alleged sexual misconduct are the work of “busybodies.” 

On Fox New’s Neil Cavuto, Stein said Cain "should be judged on his policies. John F. Kennedy had many girlfriends, many people consider him a great president. FDR was with his girlfriend when he died he’s certainly a great president. Thomas Jefferson as we know, had a very strange and inappropriate love affair, he’s one of the fathers of the country.”

It is widely believed that Jefferson fathered multiple children with his slave Sally Hemings.

Cain has been under pressure in recent weeks after allegations surfaced of sexual misconduct with numerous women, including a 13-year affair with a woman whom he describes as a friend. He announced earlier Friday that he will be “making an announcement” about his campaign in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday.

Explaining why he believes the allegations against Cain do not belong in the race, Stein said, “I don’t think he’s running for saint, I don’t think he’s running for Pope, I don’t think he’s running for some kind of sacred job. He’s running for a public policy, civil service job. I don’t think his sex life should have been brought up against him.”