Video of Romney's Senate campaign surfaces

In the video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 2, Romney is interviewed by a teenaged Ken Cole at "Medfield Day" in Medfield, Mass.

The video lasts slightly more than a minute and made its way through the media and on blogs over the weekend. In it, Romney appears on message about his campaign and looks about the same as he does now, although his hair is a bit shorter and darker.

The teen reporter starts off by asking Romney to tell viewers about himself.

"I've been in Massachusetts 23 years and I've come to believe that the country and Massachusetts have been headed in the wrong direction and that it's time for a change of course and, I believe, that after 32 years in the Senate it's time for Ted Kennedy to come home and retire," said Romney.

Romney, who eventually lost the race to Kennedy, even got a chance to give share his musical taste.

When asked what he thought about the music playing behind him Romney said, "Well, I like music of almost any kind, including this."

Mother Jones caught up with present day Cole and got his thoughts on the interview.

"It's a lot of fun watching the interview now that he's running for president. The sincere awkwardness makes it amusing and unique. And the line about his favorite music is so delightfully 'Romney.' I mean, it's probably the greatest, shortest non-interview Romney's ever done," said Cole in Mother Jones Sunday.