Ann Romney defends husband's hair

Mitt Romney's hair is not perfect, according to his wife, Ann Romney.

"Hardly," she said Wednesday on "Fox & Friends," when asked just how "perfect" her husband is. The former Massachusetts governor has a reputation for being well-coiffed and unflappable.

But that might change as the campaign continues.

Anne Romney said her husband's hair might become messier as the campaign proceeds — because of his granddaughters.

"They now get paid a dollar every 20 minutes when they give Mitt the head rubs. And after they give him the head rubs, the hair is all over the place," she said.

The Romneys have 16 grandkids.

Mitt Romney recently spoke about his courtship of his wife in an interview with Parade magazine, saying the majority of their dating relationship was long-distance. He also noted it was essentially love at first sight.

Ann Romney offered more details in the Fox News interview, saying she and her future husband met at a friend's party.

"Mitt went over to someone else and said, you know, 'I live closer to her, why don't I drive her home?' And that's the end of the story," she said.

She also claims her husband is the "life of the party."

"You know, it's a good thing the guy doesn't drink. He honestly is the life of the party," she said. "If people could see the other side of Mitt, they would not believe it. ... That's my job, I guess: That's gonna be my job, is to try to let people see the other side of Mitt. The funny side, the humorous side, the laid-back guy, the guy that actually does have his hair messed up most of the time."