Conservative video proclaims ‘even Obama is a better role model’ than Gingrich

The video goes after Gingrich for having an affair while leading impeachment proceedings against former President Clinton that stemmed from him having an affair. 

The video, titled “GOP’s Kim Kardashian,” then compares Gingrich’s leaving his first wife while she was fighting cancer to former senator and Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards (N.C.).

According to a statement by WorldNetDaily, this video was delivered by text message to every registered Republican or unaffiliated voter in Iowa who provided a cellphone number.

The video was produced by Illuminati Pictures, which, according to its website, “will only work with political candidates/groups that are pro-life.” It is hosted by Molotov Mitchell and is part of a regular Web series on WorldNetDaily.

Other attacks in the video include comparing Gingrich to Obama for only being a “good speaker,” divorcing his second wife to marry his current wife, Callista, not signing the Family Leader’s marriage pledge and his climate-change ad with then-Speaker and current House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).