Ron Paul wishes NLRB-Boeing decision was made on ‘constitutional grounds’

Although he is glad that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has withdrawn its complaint against Boeing, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said he would rather the decision have been made on “constitutional grounds”

“The interstate commerce clause should have protected that; it should have been absolutely unconstitutional,” Paul said on Fox News in reference to Boeing’s decision to open a plant in South Carolina. Paul continued, “I would have liked the decision to be made on constitutional grounds that a president or anybody else has no authority to prevent one company from going from one state to another.

The NLRB made its decision to withdraw its complaint against Boeing for planning to build its 787 jet in South Carolina after the company reached a deal with its union to build another plan at its Washington State headquarters.

Paul is skeptical of the decision, saying, “I hope they [Boeing] weren’t forced to accept a deal they shouldn’t have, because I don’t even believe in” the NLRB.