Herman Cain says no endorsement for a while

Cain also said he watched last Saturday's GOP debate and found his own former presence in the field haunting the stage. 

The liberal media and the Democrats "are already sharpening their knives," Cain said, claiming the debate was a "preview" of what would happen in the general election. 

"It also was somewhat of a slap at these false accusations against me," Cain said, referring to the sexual harassment allegations and accusations of a longtime affair that ultimately led to the suspension of his presidential bid early in the month. Cain said Americans are looking for "specific solutions" and that is why he did so well until the "character assassination" that was his downfall. 

Similarly, Cain said, "Even though they did not call me by name, you know the only reason they brought this up is because of Newt's past personal history."

He criticized debate organizers for setting up a question regarding marital fidelity in order to "maximize humiliation" for Gingrich, who has two divorces and a history of infidelity to put behind him.

Cain also criticized the media for dwelling on Mitt Romney's offer of a "$10,000 bet" to Rick Perry. "As soon as the media finds something that they considered a gaffe, they ignore everything else that Gov. Romney said. I'm not trying to defend him, but it was said in kind of a jovial way," he said. 

The offer, which Perry refused, has become fodder for both Perry and the Democratic National Committee. The DNC launched a Web video and a new website called mitts10kbet.com to capitalize on the moment.

"There were no winners in that debate Saturday night. The public lost. They didn't learn a lot," Cain said. "The American people are hungry for specific solutions and they didn't hear a lot about specific solutions on Saturday night."

Nobody talked about the two "biggest revelations" in the debate, Cain added. He said Michele Bachmann and Gingrich have both come around to the idea of throwing out the current tax code and replacing it with something new. "Who said that first? I did," Cain said.