New PAC touts Gingrich's 'conservative leadership' in first ad

The Winning our Future PAC said the ad, currently posted to its website and YouTube channel, will be aired on television at some point, although the size and location of the ad buy has not yet been determined.

The spot plays up the former Speaker's resume, praising Gingrich's political experience.

"In uncertain times we need a leader whose commitment to conservative values has been tested," the narrator says as images of Gingrich are splashed over a flag-themed background. "Newt stood with Ronald Reagan, Newt stood up to Bill Clinton, Newt was there for conservative values."

Gingrich has struggled to maintain his hold on the top of the Iowa polls as his opponents — particularly Ron Paul and a pro-Romney PAC — have relentlessly bashed him in a series of advertisements. Gingrich himself has only advertised sparingly, although he is expected to increase his ad presence as the caucus nears.

Gingrich has also vowed to stay positive in the ads, saying he will not strike back at his opponents and would denounce any PAC who did so on his behalf. Candidates are restricted from coordinating with PACs by federal election law.

Winning Our Future was created last week by Becky Burkett, a onetime colleague of Gingrich's at his American Solutions PAC.

“We are motivated by the fact that Americans must make the right choice next November at the ballot box or this great nation will not be recognizable. What is so exciting is that more and more Americans are beginning to realize that Newt Gingrich is the right choice and Barack Obama is the wrong choice. And so, we are proud to be part of an effort to enhance the momentum he has created,” Burkett said in a statement.